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We are all familiar with WhatsApp. Probably the most used app in anyone’s phone daily. Other than the launcher(home screen), obviously. WhatsApp has one or two tricks up on its sleeve and they’ll increase your productivity.

Now, WhatsApp tricks are available throughout the internet widely in thousands of videos and articles. We try to list the most productive and unique ones which we think might be really helpful for everyone. You may know some of them, then also, it’s never wrong to learn more. 😉

1. WhatsApp bubble like Messenger:

Messenger like chat-head or bubble for WhatsApp chats. However, you can use this for any chatting service or any notification.

There are a thousand apps to do this. But providing notification access to any random app is never secure. DirectChat is one of the oldest ones and based on reviews and 500k+ downloads, we are optimistic about security.

One of the cons in any of the apps is, unlike messenger, these bubbles can show messages only from notification. They can’t read actual chats from WhatsApp. Hence, if in between the chat, you reply directly from WhatsApp, that won’t be reflected in the chat head.

Download DirectChat Free here. Pro Version here.

WhatsApp chat head
WhatsApp bubble in home-screen.
WhatsApp chat head exapnded
Chat in bubble.

2. Bold Italic Strikethrough Monospace Text:

You can emphasis text messages in WhatsApp by making them bold, italic or strikethrough. You can also use monospace font instead of your phone’s default.

Bold: *Write like this.* (Add asterisks without space)
Italic: _Write like this._ (Add underscore without space)
Strikethrough: ~Write like this.~ (Add ~ without space)
MonoSpace: “` Write like this. “`(Add 3 (`) without space. It’s not apostrophe(‘). It’s usually on the left of key-1 on the keyboard.)

types of text
Types of Text.

3. Access important files instantly:

We often need certain documents for our reference quickly. Probably bank details, or Aadhar Card image etc. Store them in WhatsApp itself. Also, WhatsApp’s end-to-end security promises that all the messages are encrypted. Hence, you can store sensitive information.

Save your own phone number, open WhatsApp, and text to that number itself.

Saving your own number.
Chatting with your own number.


Create a new group with anyone. After creating, remove the 2nd member. Now it’s a group with you only in it. Store anything there.

Pin it on top of your chats to reach quickly.

4. Check if you’re blocked:

A clash with your loved one? Crush ain’t replying? Quickly check if you’re blocked by someone.

Primarily, you won’t be able to see their profile pic, status, about. Your messages won’t show delivered, ever.

no dp
No profile picture/status/about.

To confirm, create a new group or go to an existing group with you having Admin privileges. Add the person. WhatsApp will show unable to add the member. If someone has blocked you, you will see this error message. However, this error doesn’t always mean that you’re blocked. If some account is banned, this issue might arise. But then also, not many people are banned, so this almost is a guaranteed confirmation.

High probability of you being blocked.

5. Broadcast your message to everyone:

WhatsApp isn’t letting you forward the “Good morning” texts to more than 5 person? For a note, it’s now a feature which is global now.

As a solution, you can create a broadcast. Add as many people you want in your broadcast. It’ll show like a group, but doesn’t behave like one. Send text in your broadcast and every member will get the text in their own personal chat. None knows your broadcast, and cannot reply in your broadcast. For any receipient, it’s like you sent a normal text or image, unknowing of anyone else who received.

You can broadcast to anyone only if the recipient have your number saved.

Click on the 3-dot menu.
Select New Broadcast. Select recipients and click on the Green Tick.
This is how your WhatsApp Broadcast will look like.

This is how it will appear between your chats.
receive broadcast
This is how the recipient will receive. In a personal chat, unaware of your broadcast.
WhatsApp send broadcast
This is how you will see your broadcast message in your personal chat with the recipient.

6. Hear voice messages in public easily:

Someone sent a song or voice note? You’re in public or someone is nearby? Play the audio and hold the phone to your ear. The proximity sensor will automatically switch your voice note from playing in speaker to your ear-piece. Try it!

WhatsApp voice
Hear voice messages in ear-piece instead of speaker.

7. Send full sized uncompressed Images:

WhatsApp usually compresses images and you lose quality. Send the image as a document, and it won’t be compressed.

This however means, you are sending full-sized images resulting in more data usage and more time uploading.

whatsapp documents
Select Document.
Go to “Browse Other Docs…”.
Select your image(s). Then hit send/open.
WhatsApp image
This is how an image sent as a document looks like.

It will appear in your gallery as any other image but in a different folder.

8. Read messages without anyone knowing:

Solution available on popular websites is to turn on airplane mode before reading your text. After that, read your text, close WhatsApp, and turn off airplane mode. It works of course but is a big headache. Before doing this, try this simple trick.

Place the WhatsApp widget on a separate home-screen if possible. In doing so, you can read all your texts without letting anyone know. No more read receipts and you will know your texts. Additionally, you can read texts from your muted groups too. In notifications, sometimes long messages are excerpted. Here you will be able to see full-fledged texts.

WhatsApp widget
WhatsApp Widget Preview.

9. Use WhatsApp in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and more:

You can change your WhatsApp language to any Indian languages available. Currently supports Hindi, Bengali, Marathi Gujrati, Telegu, Tamil etc.

Go to settings from 3-dot menu. Go to chat. Select App Language to your native language.

10. Receive Payments in WhatsApp through UPI (Official):

WhatsApp rolled payments for only a few users. It is official but doesn’t have update rollout. Only the existing users can forward this feature to another one. Help us to spread the feature. Contact us through WhatsApp here.

WhatsApp payments
You will see the payment option only if you have WhatsApp payments enabled. Contact us to enable.

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